I started my website RemiGami in 2014. Since 2010 I made origami, kirigami and papercraft which are all paper arts. RemiGami was a website were I posted photos and sometimes video of my work. I used to share it on my dedicated Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

In 2015, I tried to translate the website into English and German.

Unfortunately, I had to stop posting weekly because of my studies .


To my mind, this was a great experience. I was very involved in my project and it pushed me to learn a lot of new things by myself such as photography, video editing, Photoshop, a little bit of HTML encoding, how to manage a website and a social network page... I think that this is through RemiGami that I discovered my passion for design.

Remigami - Kirigami making
Remigami - origami earrings making

You can find my whole work on my new website and my Etsy shop.

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